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The Science of Sound Wellness

sound mind

The awareness we develop around the science of sound and communication is our foundation for thriving hearing health.

sound technology

Discover how you can incorporate advanced, customized technology to support your unique lifestyle.

sound therapy

Learn innovative and mindful approaches to alleviate your symptoms, restore balance, and experience peace of mind.


 We are Committed to the
Science and Soul of Sound

Sara Khewro
Licensed Audiologist & Consultant

I believe in harmonic communication between our mind and auditory health so that we can experience true inner peace. The connection that comes from the awareness of our hearing and balance is the overall well-being that we call a sound mind. When we commit to developing this for ourselves, we experience harmonic communication with those around us.
This is why I am committed to sharing knowledge with you as you take inspired actions on developing your sound mind.

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Your Balance and Hearing Wellness Matters

Our approach is attentive and suggests only the best & evidence-based options for our patients. 
By working with the sound vibrations that support us internally and the mindset that supports us externally, we open our awareness to the importance of optimal hearing health. 

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