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Meet Sara


I've always loved science and the

power of community.

This passion fuelled my commitment

to supporting others to experience

harmonic communication in their life through sound.

Now, I specialize in the psycho acoustics and vibrational aspects of sounds so that I can educate and empower those impacted by hearing impairment.

I pursued my education in University of Toronto HBSc, majoring in Human Exceptionality in Psychological Sciences, and double minoring in linguistics and biology.

My education has supported me in my position as an audiologist to share different perspectives that close a gap between your suffering or thriving, sound mind.

Having moved to many parts of the world, I have a love for travel and different cultures, which became inspiration to pursue my Masters in Science of Audiology from the University of Manchester, UK.


I am a clinical registered audiologist in Ont, Canada and have 8 years of clinical experience.

Our Approach

I am passionate about leading quality, trusted care that creates harmonic communication between myself and my clients.

I strive to listen and deliver on the needs of my patients while educating them around their sound mind.


Your hearing health and sound mind is an investment into your overall wellbeing and we're committed to ensuring your wellbeing thrives.

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