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Hearing and Memory Loss

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

If you've realized that you're forgetting things more than usual recently than here's something you should know: it may be connected to your hearing health.

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between hearing and memory loss and when my patients come in for hearing tests, they often say that they're having trouble with both.

Think about it, If you are missing out on what's being heard, how can you expect to remember? Your mind isn't registering, or in this case, hearing the information you'd need in order to remember the small and big things in life that you may feel like you're forgetting.

Evidence-based research has found that people with untreated, moderate to severe hearing loss are 5x more likely to demonstrate a cognitive decline in comparison to people who manage their hearing loss at earlier detection.

It is, after all, the brain that does the listening. Our ears tunnel in the sound for our mind to register, but if the information is missed through in the tunneling process, how else will the mind retain any information?

The truth is, healthy hearing is key for us to have a peaceful, sound mind. Just like the way we upgrade our phones, we have the opportunity to upgrade our hearing through new and inspiring technology. Hearing devices can assist in supporting sounds, especially speech signals, to be heard by the brain.

This will help exercise your mind in picking up the sounds that you may not have noticed you've been missing out on, while engaging in the ability to receive the information that will be retained in your memory.

If this resonates with you and you feel like your hearing health deserves your care, send me a message.

Interested in reading the journal article? Click the link in my bio.

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