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Speech Delay ?

Do you notice a delay in your kids speech compared to other kids their age?

Language development has certain milestones that we expect children to reach at certain ages like:

0-3 months; "cooing"

3-6 months: Babbling

1 Year: approximately 50 words

2 years: two word sentences

3 years; 3 word sentences

4 years: 4 word sentences

Both parents and pediatricians can tell if a toddler may not be reaching those milestones and there can be a number of reasons why.

The first and most common reason amongst children is having fluid behind their ear drums. This can have an impact with their ability to speak, pronounce words, and even have social interactions.

Let's get one thing straight, parents! Hearing tests are not for people over a certain age. We all deserve to treat our hearing health as an important part of all our stages of development.

A hearing test will give us the information we need to know about your child's overall hearing health.

Lets play a game with sounds ! Click the link to learn how to book a hearing test .

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