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I get that it's embarrassing to ask people to repeat themselves in conversations, you dont want to interrupt the speaker or look like you have no idea whats going on in the conversation .

I mean really, social interaction and awkwardness should co exist!

But unfortunately, it does happen, and you might find yourself in this situation very often.

If you isolate yourself because of moments like this, let's talk about hearing health and how to invest in your sound mind.

It is important to know just because you can hear every day sounds, you may not be hearing speech. Speech sounds are high frequencies that differ from your background noise. If ones hearing declines, it would be one of the key signals to be affected first, and therefore, your speech intelligibility .

You can start to invest into your sound mind, by ;....getting to know the sound technology.......learning more about your hearing... getting a hearing test....getting intouch with me ...

Call to action: Link into my bio to learn more !

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