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The Stigma

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

The perceived notion that hearing aids make you look old

We all associate hearing aids to aging and I hear this way too often from my patients. Yes, it's common that the older we get, the more chance we have of hearing loss, however, we do live in a noisier world.

All this noise does have an impact on our hearing, especially with our ability to hear people speaking, as the higher frequencies, which is associated with speech signals, tend to deteriorate first. That is why awareness and preventative measures are important.

Once there is a loss, hearing devices would be recommended , thats when I can see through their eyes what their mind is saying "its all downhill from here", But it really does not have to be...

Showing what they look like, the benefit features of the sound technology provide and can do , would . I myself like to change words that might have an association to "old age". For instance, I like to say assistive devices, instead of the word hearing aid, to help rewire their brain from the old ways of thinking.

Have you ever seen some one , having to ask people to repeat themselves or having a hard time comprehending what its being said? You might even think that they are slow or "old" , while having a hearing device would assist in having you be more alert and engage in conversation, becoming more active than passive outlook in the others eyes .

A sound mind is a fit mind ! Taking actions empowers you to stimulate your mind , it is after all, is how you think and feel that determines your age , and can set a positive domino effects toward a general well being to your health!

Call to action: Videos of what hearing aids look like, look like, telehealth, bluetooth and streaming features. Starkey and their AI technology. Oticon and cloud activity.

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